“Welcome” Into,SpendingtimewithErvinPraisingourSaviorJesusEveryday.Com

Everyday, We will always be here for you, to join in with us,for a Blessing in just sharing our love and honor’s for, and too our forever Savior Jesus, and know matter when or wherever you might be blessed to be,nor the position, nor the condition,that our Savior has, already or He will, or maybe A blessings coming to you, everyday, and or whenever He see’s to do for you, and I, We all have to learn, and to except, that He may not, will do,anything,for you, nor I,right when we ask Him, and if He may loan you, and I, our blessings a little earlier,or a little later, in and throughout our blessing’s in Life, maybe not as soon,nor as quickly as you and I, maybe thinking of He, to do as we may be saying, and or wanting,thinking, hoping, that Right Now Lord!, Ha,Ha,Ha, He is not going to Do nothing as soon as you,nor I, say, we must stay humble,and Pray,believe, and keep on Praying,and love and respect humble,live, and let live,and seeing live, and then, and then, my people’s, I meaning everyone, we are all, here together, and so rejoice in our savior Jesus, anytime,sometimes, anywhere, just a very few minutes, in ,through our daily lives, As we are Thanking Him, for His love, and His Gracious Love, that He has for you, and I, loaning us all, life,and Trusting in Him, that He can,and you, and I, believe that He will, give-ing, everyone a long and prosper life,to live and to enjoy, a Joyful, and a Abundant life, and seeing A Abundantly Lives, Living, Amen. And most of all, always we remember to Pray everyday first, and do not go out of your, nor I, ways, just to misuse, know one, anyone else, and then, and then…………Praise and enjoy in Our Lord,Go, and Our Savior jesus Christ!!! name, Amen……………………………………………….. I, love You………… your Truly, and Only To you, to everyone, Ervin L. Swan III,

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New APP, @The Google's Play Store Music Videos Producer Publisher song Artist songwriter feeling life living inside Rejoicing in Jesus every day Published by Brickell's Publishing Co.B.M.I., all rights are reserved. Since:1977 Nondenominational International 🌎 Worldwide Gospel Contemporary Christian Religious Praise & Worship Our Savior Jesus Christ Ministries Rejoicing in He every day, That He Lives inside you & I, join in with me Everyone living to see a brand new day Amen................................................................

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